There are several options open to musicians who wish to contribute music for CeLL. Firstly, music can be specifically composed for CeLL and uploaded as a MIDI file using the upload link below. Compositions uploaded will automatically be routed to CeLL to be played. If CeLL is not on exhibition at the time of sending, then compositions will simply be stored for playing at such a time when the installation is active in the public sphere.

Information on exactly how to write music for CeLL is available here on this page. Another way to contribute is to make an arrangement of an existing composition that you have written, performed or made extremely famous. The guidelines on this page will assist in reworking your tunes for CeLL, and contributions should be uploaded as a MIDI file using the link below.

When contributed music is played by CeLL a live sound recording will be made and the composer will be emailed a link to download the mp3 sound file. Compositions sent to CeLL are limited to 180 seconds, however longer compositions can be divided into 3 minute blocks and uploaded individually. Sound recordings and midi files of all compositions can be downloaded from the CeLL sound library.


(To 'Download' right click save target 'AS')

DOWNLOAD NOTE MAP - You can download a mapping of all of the instruments in CeLL and their corresponding MIDI note numbers. This is essential information for anyone wishing to create a MIDI file composition. The Note Map file includes recommendations for note length ranges for all instruments.

DOWNLOAD REASON PATCH - This is a sampling of the sounds in CeLL that creates a virtual instrument that can be played using Reason and any midi keyboard. A great compositional tool. Play all the sounds through the Combinator. You can even use Cubase of Ableton to trigger the sounds in Reason. Remember that CeLL only uses MIDI Channel 1.

DOWNLOAD DRUM MAP FOR CUBASE - If your using Cubase as a Sequencer you can load this Drum Map into the Drum Editor. It will map all the sounds of CeLL into the Drum Editor

DOWNLOAD CeLL SAMPLES - If you don't use Reason you can access all the sounds from CeLL in these samples. The no. at the start of the sample is its note no. ie 05XYLOF.WAV is the Xylophone note F on MIDI note 5 which is F-2. C3 is MIDI note 60. You can use these samples to make your ow nsimulator.

DOWNLOAD Native Instruments Battery 3 VST Drumkit developed b by Evan Sparks.

We are looking for other ways to simulate CeLL such as v-Any suggestions?

Notes on Note Lengths and MIDI

Remember that CeLL will only respond to MIDI channel 1. All the sounds of CeLL are mapped out on MIDI Channel 1. Most instruments in CeLL have an optimal length of time that the mechanism playing the instrument should be 'ON' for. What this means is that only a small range of note lengths will work really well due to the mechanical nature of the instruments. A lot of the instruments have a natural sustain that far exceeds the actual 'ON' time (strike of the sound).

The frequencies that instruments will play also have limits due to the mechanisms reaching their maximum operating speed. The kickdrum, for example, maximums at about 120 bpm. Most everything else is capable of 180+ bpm.

The instruments in CeLL are tabled with the recommended note lengths or ranges with the NOTE MAP file. Following these recommendations will ensure that instruments will sound as they have been designed to. A note length filter has been incorporated into the MIDI file play function to optimise the sonic output of contributed compositions.


For more information contact miles(at) For using using Reason and Cubase to simulate Cell contact nick at cell(at) Looking forward to your compositions

26th April, 2008

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